About Us

About the Company

We are retired Airforces Fighter Pilots, Aerosports Skyventure Private Limited, a Company incorporated under the Company’s Law. The Mission of the Company is to set up aerosports training and recreation academy in uttarakhand to promote tourism in co-ordination with tourism department and creating knowladge of spritiual leadership and will try to link through small helicopter the possible platforms to the various tourists domestic as well as the international. My most important objective would be to create job opportunity for our young talent from uttarakhand as adventure pilot.

My company will support government agencies and Corporate/ Individual Owners to meet their respective needs / requirements and aspirations by exploiting the third dimension of Air to the maximum.
We visualize a complete transformation in the way the third dimension is going to be used and utilized by everyone. Today a lot of activities and inputs are not available to the decision makers due to lack of aerial assets. Be it the Defence Forces, the Para- Military Forces, Law enforcement agencies or the essential services, they are unable to fully exploit the air dimension due to lack of air resources which are versatile, cost effective and easily usable with minimum infrastructure.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to establish Aero Sports Sky Venture Pvt. Ltd. as the most trusted
company in the Adventure Sports’ industry. We shall achieve this by bringing aviation
and aero sports to the doorstep of the common man, so that aviation is no longer
considered as the exclusive domain of the elite.
Each Aero Sports Sky Ventures member will experience a strong sense of pride and
achievement, whenever she steps onto our resort’s facilities.

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