Q. How fast does the Deep Flight Aviator travel?
Ans. The Deep Flight Aviator’sunderwater speed can best be compared to an aircraft flying at 330 knots–the average speed for a small jet. The Deep Flight Aviator will do approximately 10 knots. By comparison, whales and other large animals move at around 6 knots.

Q. How deep will I go?
Ans. Maximum depth for the flight school will be 1,000 feet. Initial training dives will be at diver depths (under 150 feet) where we will have diver support, good natural light, and will see animal life and shipwrecks (sunk by dive operators). More advanced dives will go deeper, according to the customer’s comfort and wishes.

Q. What will I see?
Ans. • 0—100 feet–Looks like what you see on TV (blue water, lots of animals, reefs, shipwrecks). • 100—300 feet–Getting dark (twilight at 200) and dark at 300. Water will be black and will be illuminated by sub’s powerful lights.
• 500 feet–No natural light. Completely dark/black. The appearance of the bottom will change from reef to deep ocean. Very few people have been to 500 feet and below. At these depths, 50% of the eyeballs looking back at you are uncatalogued by science.
• 1,000 feet–Alien environment. Anywhere you go, you will be seeing a piece of the earth no human has seen before. There will be good visibility.

Q. Do I need to be a diver?
Ans. You absolutely do not need to be a diver to fly the Deep Flight Aviator. However, if you are a diver, you can certainly take advantage of the world-class dive facilities at Stuart Cove. Or, if you are a nondiver and interested in learning how to dive, Stuart Cove also offers introductory SCUBA lessons.

Q. Do I need to know how to swim?
Ans. You do not need to know how to swim. However, it is recommended just for extra safety while on the water and for your own comfort with being on the water.

Q. What are hydrobatics?
Ans. Essentially, hydrobatics are acrobatics underwater.The sub is capable of doing extreme maneuvers–all according to the comfort level of the passengers.

Q. Will I be in radio contact with the surface and with the other pilot?
Ans. You will be in radio contact with the chief pilot at all times. We do have through water communications to the surface, but at certain depths, communications to the surface will not be clear, nor possible.

Q. Are there age, size and health requirements?
Ans. Age does not matter. However, you should be in good health (no heart/lung conditions or other serious life threatening illnesses). The cockpit space is limited, so anyone over 6’3″ or over 220 pounds might be uncomfortable.

Q. Where will the dive take place?
Ans. We will be operating from Stuart Cove dive facility, located next door to the South Ocean Beach Resort Hotel where we are recommending our customers stay. If you opt to stay in Nassau (on the other side of the island), it is about a 30 minute drive to Stuart Cove, and you will need to rent a car or take a cab. We will be housing the Deep Flight Aviator in a dockhouse at Stuart Cove. You will be climbing into the Aviator, and strapping in on the dock, and then the sub (and pilots) will go down the ramp on a wheeled trolley into the water. From the ramp, the sub will be towed out (on the surface) by a zodiac* to the dive training site (approximately 5—10 minutes from ramp). On site, we will dive down and fly to wall(about 5-10 minutes away). One to two zodiacs will be accompanying the sub, and a larger(40-foot) dive support vessel is available if needed.

Q. How safe is it?
Ans. This is an incredible adventure. The craft is a prototype, the first of its kind. Therefore, this activity is inherently risky and you assume all the risks of injury or death by participating. However, historically, manned subs have had very good safety records–especially relative to equivalent pioneering with aircraft and spacecraft technology. In addition, Graham Hawkes has built and test-piloted probably more subs than anyone in the world. As far as we know, there have been no deaths in any of his manned submersibles used by scientists and the oil and gas industry.

Q. Why Ultralights?
Ans. People fly Ultralights because it is FUN! Ultralight flights are considered as recreational aviation flight for people who enjoy adventures. Nepal is blessed with one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world with 8000 m high snow capped mountains, green hills, serene rivers and lakes. You can film and take clear photos of nature from the bird’s eye view while flying an Ultralight. Leave your woes behind, soar to the heights, bathe in the clouds, reach out for the mountains and kiss the azure sky. It’s a life time experience.

Q. What is tandem joyride?
Ans. Tandem flights utilize a two seater paraplane or microlight aircraft. You sit comfortably in a seat like a car, with the pilot in front, and the passenger behind.

Q. How long/high does one fly?
Ans. The flight lasts 10 minutes- takes you up at least 1000 feet and the experience is breathtaking. If you are game, the pilot would glide down for a landing with the engine switched off and it all would seem timeless like a dream with just the breeze singing!

Q. Do I need to be fit?
Ans. You don’t need to be fit or sporty but should not be suffering from certain ailments like heart disease, fits, epilepsy etc. (ladies should not be pregnant.)

Q. How safe is it?
Ans. Safety is our foremost consideration and we take a number of steps to ensure your safety. Besides mandatory safety and operational inspections by government agencies, we have many additional safety  measures in place which far exceed the minimum legal requirements.  Our pilots are not only well trained and experienced; they have been cleared by the Aviation Regulatory Authorities of the country and the State. Our pilots do not claim to have some dubious, fancy sounding foreign qualifications but they all have Govt. of India certification and Pilots licenses.  We use the latest state of the art equipment, which is certified by, again, DGCA, Govt. of India and  a licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME). We will not hesitate to cancel a flight in case of any doubt about the fitness of the machine or weather. We have not had a single accident so far but risks should always be assumed. After all it is an adventure sport. Just to  emphasise,we are the only Aerosports club that has insurance cover for all its pilots and other participant.

Q. How much time do we need to set aside for the experience?
Ans. On the way to Manali from Chandigarh, it will take only one hour to be set aside from you schedule  once you reach our site on the NH 21. After some formalities and ground training lesson, you are good to go. You need to arrive at our site, easily accessible on NH 21, at least 30 minutes before the time slot given to you.

Q. What happens if the wind is not right?
Ans. Being powered aircraft, this is not a limitation, unless the weather is too bad or a storm is brewing.  In the rare event that you do not fly, we will reschedule your flight.

Q. Is there any site etiquette to follow?
Ans. You will be given a safety briefing. Follow all instructions of the Guide and Pilot.  Please don’t litter and take your plastic bags with you, be courteous to the farmers and avoid walking through planted fields.

Q. Is there any special clothing and equipment required?
Ans. No.. Just wear trousers and shirt or Tee with shoes or sandals with back strap. Ladies should avoid skirt and saree. The tandem seating is like the pillion on a motorbike. You will be provided with protective, wind proof clothing, eye protection (goggles) and helmet with intercom so that you can converse with the pilot. Please leave your camera behind on the ground. Selfie lovers – Beware. The smart phone may fly off in air. You may click pictures only on ground by informing the pilot.

Q. What is the best time for joyride?
Ans. We fly morning 1000 to 1700 everyday from 10 April to 10 Jun. No flying from 01 Jul to 30 Sep in  Monsoon season. The best season to fly is the winter season. Bright sun, clear blue skies and snow clad mountains around will sure lift your spirits.

Q. What about cancellation?
Ans. In case the flight is rescheduled or delayed by more than two hours due to operational reasons  (weather, technical etc), you would get full refund. In other cases (late arrival, sickness, unfit for ride), you would be given another time slot on the same or some other day.  You can even transfer the flight voucher to some other person by giving a written request.  We are flexible on this issue and our only aim is to give you a memorable and enjoyable experience.  Do call if you anticipate any delay and you would be pleasantly surprised with our response.

Q. How do I book a ride?
Ans. Please send e-mail to: asskyventure@gmail.com
Call: +91 8650000688