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  • Course Duration

    12 Weeks

  • Class Mode


  • Practical Training

    2 Week

  • Certificate


Area of Training

1. Contemporary Dynamics of Ever-evolving Aviation Industry

2. Wildlife management

3. Salient feature of Annex 14 and relevant DGCA CAR

4. Salient feature of Annex 14 and relevant DGCA CAR

5. Aerodrome Safeguarding

6. Aircraft Act 1934 and Aircraft Rule 1937

7. Aerodrome Licensing and SMS

8. Aerodrome Licensing and SMS

9. General Financial Management

10. Airlines Perspectives

11. Ground Handling policy and Contract Management

12. ASQ parameters

13. Cargo management

14. Media Management

15. Digi Yatra

16. Practical Financial Management and DoP

17. Customer-centric approach commercial management

18. ICAO Annex's

19. QCBS ESS/MESS Contracts in Operation

20. Safety operational area, passengers ,basic strip,resale, all equipments, friction value of runway.bearing capacity of basic strip n resa,management of wildlife, birds airport surrounding check construction activity in surrounding area.

21. Security perimeter wall,watch tower etc

22. Various commercial issue in terminal building.

23. Conducting various meetings

24. Fin and he issue

25. To take care fire related issues and conducting drills on regular intervals

26. Maintenance civil and electrical

27. Maintenance of CNS equipments

28. If any activity starts in ops area safety audit to be done

29. Action for licensing of airport

30. Various nocturnal to be obtained.etc

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