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BBA in Aviation

BBA in Aviation

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  • Expert-Driven Design:

    Our program is curated by military aviators, Airport Authority directors, and general managers, ensuring a curriculum that aligns with the demands of the aviation industry.

  • DGCA and BCS Insights:

    Benefit from the knowledge of experts from DGCA and BCS, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of aviation regulations and industry best practices.

  • Practical Knowledge:

    Immerse yourself in a curriculum that goes beyond theory. Our course focuses on providing hands-on, practical knowledge to prepare you for real-world challenges in the aviation sector.

  • Strong Fundamentals:

    Build a solid foundation based on industry requirements. Our program ensures that you develop strong fundamentals essential for a successful career in aviation management.

Area of Knowledge

  • Aviation Financing and Leasing
  • Aviation Marketing and strategy
  • Aviation Human Resource and Relation
  • Aviation Advertising with PR
  • Aviation Organization Structure